Jo Ann Hurtado


Jo Ann Hurtado is a proven EH&S leader and training professional with 30 years experience designing, developing, and implementing performance-based EH&S programs and regulatory training systems in both corporate and academic environments. She teaches both general industry and construction industry courses in both Fed and Cal OSHA for the OSHA Training Institute Education Centers in California and Nevada, and developed the curriculum for the OTIEC Industrial Hygiene Guidelines (OSHA 521) and Principles of Ergonomics (OSHA 2255) courses. With a BA in Environmental Management from UCSD, and holding certifications as Certified Environmental Trainer (CET), Master Trainer, Certified Training Director and Certified Project Management Professional (cPMP), Jo Ann brings an energy and enthusiasm to training trainers in the OSHA Outreach trainer programs (OSHA 500 and 501) that helps outreach trainers develop and deliver 10 and 30 hr. training that is both effective and engaging. Jo Ann joined OTIEC in 2012 and continues to provide successful programs for us in both southern and northern California