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We are a professional training and consulting organization, made up of industry experts in safety planning and application.  Our instructors come from the Inspection field, Emergency Services, Fire Departments, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Electrical and Hazardous Materials.  Our goal is to help your Company achieve compliance in all aspects of State and Federal safety mandates and requirements.

Safety Logistics is able to tailor your training to your specific jobsite, and create a safe, educational learning experience for both veteran and new employees alike.  Our trainers are able to travel Nationally and Internationally to deliver quality training to your place of business or your designated learning facility.

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OSHA 30 for the Cannabis Industry

Adherence to the new mandate in California for OSHA 30 compliance.  Hazardous Materials handling, respiratory risks and protection, introduction to OSHA, confined spaces, materials handling and more. This class can be tailored to your organization.  Contact Safety Logistics regarding scheduling this class at: info@safetylogistics.org    This class is mandatory for at least 1 Supervisor and 1 Employee for ALL cannabis producers, growers, processors or sellers by January 1, or before your permit renewal.  There is a 1 year grace period, but no new renewals will be issued without the training being completed or scheduled. This class is taught by authorized OSHA outreach instructors.

Confined Space Rescue

This class is scheduled for December, 2018.  This is an open class, where prospective students can register on the home page or calendar section.  This is a 4-day class, minimum of 10 students is required to have this class.  If less than 10 students have registered, the class will be cancelled, and deposits returned.  This class is taught by NFPA/OSHA trained instructors, and included entry, supervision, non-entry rescue techniques, entry rescue and rigging techniques, SCBA, Hazardous atmosphere monitoring, ventilation, rescue systems, and the use of the Safety Logistics Rescue Scoop.


Open OSHA 10 Class in Reno, Scheduled for February, 2019.  This class is limited to 40 students.  This class fulfills the Nevada requirements for OSHA 10 for the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.  Classes for the 10 hour for CONSTRUCTION will be in March, 2019.




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By H.Morton on 9 September 2018

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By H. Morton on 25 February 2018

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